Sunday, July 19, 2015


Daylight 12X24 Oil on Canvas  $195

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Gift 10X14 Oil on Panel  $50

This is me playing around on a different size canvas panel so it will not fit a standard frame.

I think I have 4 paintings going at once at the moment and when there is a lot of paint with no where to go I grab a panel and try different things.  A lot of them go in the garbage.  I call them learning exercises.  I rather liked this one.

Enjoy a beautiful day.



Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beach Walk

Beach Walk  12X18 Oil on Archival Panel  $150

This painting was an experiment in patience and many many layers of transparent paint.

I wanted to see what happens when you use a printers roller to spread paint on the surface.  I had scooped some thick paint on and some thinned paint on.  Then I started to roll the paint together.  The texture was interesting but didn't quite do it.  From then on I put layer after layer of transparent paint on and the texture remained.  For the longest time I kept looking at it knowing it wasn't quite there yet and then when finishing another painting that had a lot of deep orangey red in it I knew just a touch of that color in the foreground  would do it.




Monday, July 6, 2015


Flirtation 30X15 Oil on Canvas  $295

Why flirtation?  Some don't come easy.  I think they will because I can feel the brush strokes in my body before I start and then I look and it just isn't there.  Then I put it away to dry and come back at it and so it goes.  Back and forth.  Is it heading for the garbage or will I give it another whirl.

Then it becomes a matter of "it doesn't matter so just go with it."  It flirts with danger (the garbage can) and color (my love).  Thick juicy paint.  Back and forth.  Many, many layers of color and they show through when up close.

Then all of a sudden I get this intuitive message to stop.

Hope you like it.