Saturday, December 17, 2011


Duo 30"X15" Acylic on Paper, Stretched onto a canvas frame $450.00

This painting was done by first soaking a large sheet of watercolor paper in the bathtub. When it was well soaked I stretched it onto a frame that I had left over from a painting that didn't work. I stretched and stapled the sides and let it dry. The result is an incredibly taut work surface. From there I gessoed the paper and used acrylic paint.

This surface is very different from canvas or paper that lies flat.

The painting needs to be framed, either on the structure it is on or it can be cut off and framed as normal paper. The painting is varnished so it does not need glass.

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Rose said...

So very beautiful! You worked hard on this one!
Hoping you and your family have a very beautiful Christmas. We are traveling to Pennsylvania from Florida.. long trip but it's a vacation we have looked forward to! Wishing you a new year full of all good things! :)