Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Of the Coast

Of the Coast 10X10 Mixed Media on Archival Watercolour Paper

What to do? It's storming outside and I can't open the windows. Acrylics aren't co-operating and I am out of ideas!!!!! Time to start ripping up paper, throw some paint around and see what happens.

I do LOVE my environment and surroundings and they keep showing up. I will not fight it. Therefore my title. Memory of the Coast. Left the Memory out.

I hope you like it. I am doing a series of these until the weather improves and by then I will have so many new ideas that who knows where it will go.

Cheers everyone.


Rose said...

Beautiful! You are definitely onto something with the collage. I will be watching, and praying for warmer weather for you. We are having 70's and 80's here in Florida.. very unseasonal for this time of year, but can't complain about sunny skies! XO I think it's great that when we are challenged, we come up with alternatives and like you, it means some WONDERFUL new art! :)

Bente Hansen said...

Thank you Rose and happy painting. You are painting gorgeous flowers to go with the sunny weather. I won't say I am jealous. Our time will come.


Rose said...

You're so right... and we'll be sweltering by then! :) Thank you for the compliments! xo