Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Learning Curve  11X14

I thought I would post a learning painting.  This is one of many that do not work.

I look at it today as though I was an instructor in a class and what could I say to this student?  The perspective is wrong, the light direction isn't obvious, maybe the background could be more muted to show distance....

I got caught up in the color which is my favourite and in the process I lost the painting.

It's all part of my learning curving.

Happy painting.



Rose said...

Bente, isn't it wonderful how we CAN come back to our paintings and critique them and learn from them? I did not see any of the things you pointed out, as I also got lost in the brilliance of the color :) This is what makes your art so unique! I am enjoying your DVD and there are so many references, and so little time! I know I will be using them for inspiration over and over again! You are a blessing to me, my friend. Hope all is well xoxo

Bente Hansen said...

Thank you Rose. I am sure that once in a while that DVD will give you a boost. I love the color in flowers and you do such an amazing job. You go girl!