Monday, August 13, 2012

 Over the Bay 16X16 Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas, Painted on the sides

This is one of three tree paintings that may be going to Texas.
I started with a canvas that I treated with Gesso tinted with acrylic paint, as below. I drew a brief outline freehand with vine charcoal that you see photographed below.
 Part of the original painting that started this commission is on the left.  I like the image of the tree that you see on the right better.  I thought it had more character.
 The colors that I used to paint the canvas are on the aluminum foil which I use as my palette.  It is a neutral grey, easy to clean  or fold over and use the other side and when I am finished the clean up is very simple.  Yes, it may waste paint but I don't want to spend hours cleaning.
 This is the outline and design after my first go around.  I got to this stage and left it to dry for a few days before finishing the image at the very top.  In the final go around I used thick paint and two different sized palette knives.  One for small detail areas and a larger one for the rocks and large branches.  Most of the paint in the branch area was mixed randomly on the canvas.
I hope you have enjoyed my explanations.


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Rose said...

Wow, I love this!!! Thank you for showing your process... and that you use aluminum foil! How creative and resourceful! I have checked out your new paintings and love them all. My favorite are the ones with the bold colors :) Have a beautiful week!