Sunday, January 12, 2014


Memory 20X30 Oil on Canvas

Back to my oils for a short time as I will be travelling again soon.  Going to California to what I call a mentorship program.  No instruction.  Guidance leadership and phenomenal focus.  Last year I came back and did a whole body of work as a result.  It's quite an interesting concept because we pay a lot of money to go.  We work on our own.  No talking allowed unless you leave the room.  Everyone is working on something totally different and by the end of 5 days you can see the change in peoples work. 

Maybe we work harder there than we actually do at home because we have to go to work or cook or do the laundry and get interrupted.  Here, there is a Trader Joes across the street.  I go and get my food and either paint or go to my hotel room.  Pretty anti social.  Really.

The result of last years program was being published in a book and soon in an American Art Magazine so I would say there is benefit.


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