Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Color Study

This is a color study that I did of a painting I admired done by someone else.  I loved her color combination and so tried to duplicate it.  It was simple to do in my oils.

When I had my colors sorted I did a quick color swish to see if the combos still worked.  I really like this combo.  The colors are all water soluble oils by Cobra.  I wrote the color names above on the left


Delilah said...

Love the study Bente, I have never tried water soluble oil but they sure have done a great job for you in this study.

Bente Hansen said...

Thank you Delilah. The Cobra brand works just like my artist quality paint but there don't seem to be any scent so I am not coughing when I use them. As for clean up I always just used soap and water so that isn't different. Give them a try. They are reasonably priced.