Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Uprooted 12X12 Oil on canvas done with a palette knife

I am starting some of these paintings with a Notan done with black gesso.  I choose a few colors to work with and then let the painting speak to me.  It is very intuitive and often doesn't work.  When I start to see an image that in my mind resurrects a memory I tend to follow that direction.

This painting started with brushwork and then I switched to the palette knife.  I also used a comb for some different line effects.

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Sea Dean said...

Hi Bente, I'm a blog follower and I love your latest work. I moved and set up a studio gallery in July so I know a bit of what youre going through.

I would like to invite you to post on my blog during my January ART PARTY. Posting Voting and Prizes. Yay!