Monday, June 22, 2015

Value of Plein Air Painting

More accurate view

                                                              "Plein Air View"

I don't do a lot of "Plein Air Painting" for quite a few reasons.  The first is that I am not very good at it.  Some of the other reasons are that there is a lot of equipment to put together to get outside to paint and then the environment takes over - the wind, the bugs, the dogs, the people who all have a relative that paints OR the ultimate question -"Are you an artist"  I don't really mind the later because it adds to the experience.  It really boils down to the first part.

The value comes in doing it anyways.  The reason is that when I am out there looking at the real thing  
I see what no camera would ever see and the part that has attracted me in the first place gets implanted in my mind.  This attraction often shows up later in an abstract or intuitive painting because I took the time to try and record it.

With the two images you see above, the lower one was done outside and the upper one was a more accurate depiction.  I am not too sure that I am keen on either one but I know I learned a lot so I will keep doing this exercise this summer and see if I get any better at it.  If not then I do know that I will of learned a lot.  The questions after the painting may be - "what was the attraction?"  "did you capture it?"  what do you like?  "what don't you like?" why? "how might someone you admire of done the same thing?"



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