Friday, September 16, 2011

Early Morning

Early Morning 11X14 Oil on Canvas
Its coming to that time again when the clouds and mist will roll in and cover the mountains. I do love all the seasons and am thankful for living in an area where there is differentiation between them.
This morning when I awoke at my usual hour it was dark for the first time this fall but the reflection of the morning light and the darkness of the house were such a beautiful contrast through the window that I went looking for crayons to record the color notes. So the challenge was to turn off the lights to look at what inspired me and then to turn the lights back on to grab the crayon. Then back off to make the notes on my paper. If the neighbours were watching they must of thought that I had a morris code going.

Happy Fall everyone.

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Denna Kadavy said...

Lovely painting. Fall is my fav time of year.