Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Early Morning  11X14 Oil on Canvas  $150

What makes a painting a favorite painting?  I can't really say other than this painting takes me to that misty area on our strata land that has brought so many surprises. It's simple yet so much going on.

When our dog Spirit was alive we would walk down to this field many times a day.  Sometimes there
would be mist in the morning other times the sun would be shining and we would see a group of sheep under the shelter of the trees from the sun and on a few occasions the rain had been and gone and there would be spider webs everywhere with the dew drops glistening.

The memory is what makes this one a favorite. 

Mind you, to be honest, I have many memories and so the list of favorites would be long.



1 comment:

Easel Butler said...

This is a beauty Bente...aside from the memories, it should be a fav anyway.