Sunday, September 2, 2012

Port Townsend Watercolor 6x12 , looking towards Lighthouse

Its beautiful here with more dog taking their people for a walk looking out at the expanse of water and sea gulls everywhere.

Got very close to a heron this morning, eating its breakfast so watch for paintings to come.

Yesterday we drove all day to get to the sol duc waterfalls and the parking lot was so full that we had to give that hike up for a lost cause.  Next time we won't try to do something like that on a weekend. 
After all we know better.That is why we chose to take time off when the kids are going back to school.

Bought some beautifully colored pastels yesterday.  Couldn't resist.  It certainly isn't that I need more.  Itching to get home and give the colors a try.

Happy Long Weekend everyone.


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