Monday, October 15, 2012

Sketch from workshop, 2012

It is pouring down with rain so this is the best I can do for a photo at the moment.  The blues seem to of disappeared. The sketches are 22" wide and they were done in paint and then pastels.  Hopefully you can tell they are horses.  There is quite a story to tell but I will leave that for a day that maybe my
paintings will explain.

Jandana Ranch is a place I will never forget and encourage anyone that wants to learn to communicate to go and spend a few days studying with Janice and her natural horsemanship.  The experience is an eye opener in communication and leadership.  If I told you that on the second day we entered the paddock and were able to ask our horses to come to us, turn either right or left, or back up. ALL WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM OR HAVING A HALTER ON.  Would you believe it.  I wouldn't of if I hadn't experienced it myself.



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