Sunday, May 14, 2017

What do I do when I run out of paint for my encaustics

 What do I do when I run out of paint for encaustics?

The wax paints are beautiful, rich in color and originate in the US.  Since I live in a small Canadian town with no Art Store it is a problem in that it adds at least 30% to the price and the quantities are very small.   I am wanting to do some larger Encaustics so I thought I'd tackle a few other methods.

Here you can see some of my colored tea bags.  The paint is watercolor since acrylic doesn't mix with wax. Once I got started I found myself rummaging through my paper supply looking for ways to get more variety, texture, lines, shades. 

Here you can see that I used one paper to print pattern and line onto another.  I was also running out of my watercolor paint and you can see I was pretty determined to take advantage of what I already have on hand. The one disappointment is that with watercolor the color you put on the paper is very pale when dry in comparison to the color that you put on.  This is the reason that I quit painting with this medium.  

Another thing I have done is tried to find more pattern and ways to get marks.  The circular object is a rusty bit I found on the beach.  The pattern on the bottom left is from a stamp I bought that I believe originates from India.  There's a lot more to do with this.

It's lunchtime now so maybe I had better get dressed!  LOL!

Happy Mothers Day

I hope your day is inspiring.


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