Sunday, May 15, 2016

Beach Fodder

These are images of some of the many items that I pick up off the beach or my neighbors construction site.  They are all rich with sketching ideas or items that may end up attached to a wood cradle in a painting

The rusty bits I pick up to rust paper for collage elements.  I spray them with vinegar and water and the paper that they sits on becomes rusty.  The curved item is very old.  Its a steel spike encrusted with rocks.

This one looked like a Viking or Salish boat to me. If I oil it or torch scrape and then oil it I think it would make quite a nice element.

Even my wood working neighbor liked this one.  I have actually oiled it.  If you zoom in on it you will see the interior circle is covered in swirls.  We figured the hole was from where a branch had broken off.  it is quite large.  The size of two small fists.

These two photos are obviously bark but look at the texture of the middle one.  Any idea what kind of tree that is.  The top one being cedar.  I picked that up thinking I could pull strands from it to weave around the rocks to hold them onto the panel.  The middle one has me stumped.

This one I think of as my fashionable woman, with an attitude, lounging in the sun.

The bottom three.  The branch that looks like a great tree.  The crab part that looks like a warrior. And last but not least my dried star fish.  Tiny little thing.  Very precious.

My inspirations.

Blessings for a great day.

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