Saturday, July 2, 2016

Burst Mixed media on watercolor paper

Burst, 8x10 acted mixed media on watercolor paper.  $100

This image was started intuitively using high flow acrylics,watercolor and paper soaked in acrylic paint.  I show it below in a mat and also framed in a standard 8x10 frame with glass.

I am currently preparing for two things.  One a trip to Denmark which will have me meet relatives that I do not know and the other is a studio tour that happens 2 weeks after I get home.  So, there is a lot going on.

I have done a series of these intuitive watercolor,mixed media painting along with some encaustic paintings to get ready for the show.  I will post a number of them in the next few days.

Happy Canada Day and 4th of July.


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