Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Flight  8X10 Oil and Cold Wax on Wood Cradle, Painted on the sides  $75

I am starting a 30 day painting challenge where hopefully I will post a new painting every day.
My intention is to try new techniques, new colors, papers, grounds, mediums, compositions.  You get the picture.  This is day one and I think you may agree that this painting fits all of the above. I have been studying other artists approach to art and this month I am committing to keep trying something new even though in the end I am still me and the me you have seen for years still surfaces.  As hard as I try to go totally abstract the landscape still sneaks in.

My environment and feelings will show through.

Do join me on this journey and make comments and share with others.  That is always appreciated.




Brenda Kay said...

This is a fun painting that caught my eye today. I love the way your 'landscape sneaked in'! I think it adds charm. Have fun with the challenge! :)

Bente Hansen said...

Thanks Brenda. It is a challenge. One I am looking forward to. Best of luck to you too.