Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Warmth of the Day

Warmth of the Day 8X10 Oil on Canvas  $75

Day 23 of 30 Day Painting challenge.

I like the simplicity of this.  Our skies may be grey but they give such warmth. We need to have warmth.  At least I do.

On the subject of the 30 day challenge.  It really is a challenge.  I am working on half a dozen large pieces and I am doing these small ones as well. It would be nice if the 20 stroke painting challenge worked on a regular basis.  The object of that is you plan your painting so that the whole thing is done in 20 strokes.  No more.  So one stroke may be a large streak across the canvas with one pure color.  No stopping in between to fill up your brush.  So the strokes need to be thought out ahead of time.  But all in all the exercise should not take more than half an hour.

Good luck with that.




Cagley Art said...

Bente, I love today's painting. The yellow is exquisite!
Thanks also for sharing the 20 stroke painting challenge concept. That really can be a big challenge! :o) I admire you for doing it.
- Connie

Bente Hansen said...

Thanks again for your comment and support. It is a journey.