Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Sunrise 11X14 Oil on Ampersand Gesso Board  $150

Day 16 of the 30 day challenge

Here we are with the color red.  I swear I need to take a photography course just so I can learn how to photograph red and turquoise.  I have yet to do that successfully.

I am playing with the combinations of mediums and oil and layering them.  On this one I wanted to have the initial image show through yet have the glow of the light.  I felt that a lot of medium would give me this result.  I also actually used Cadmium Orange.  I have had this one tube of Cad Orange for years and rarely use it.  Mixing red and yellow together usually gets me what I want.  I used both Nuptial Red and Quin Red.

Its pretty strong.  I agree.  So is the Sun.

Blessings Bente

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Cagley Art said...

This is beautiful. The touches of blue in the red is lovely.
- Connie